Unshackled Solutions

Helping others maximize their potential
through mentoring, coaching, and consulting
while addressing physical, emotional & spiritual needs.

Continuing to be be safe people who create safe, loving, stable space for teens to share their stories; we are fully invested in walking teenagers through their most difficult times, and are experienced in helping these kids to arrive on the other side of their teenage years in one piece, ready to launch into successful adult lives.

How do we do that? Well... we are solution people, committed to breaking the physical, emotional & spiritual chains that hold you back, helping you to walk in freedom, living the life you were created for. You were designed to be EXTRAORDINARY! We are compensated for solving problems... for helping you break through the challenges that have kept you from realizing your full potential in both life and business. That provides the financial means to provide a healthy environment for these teenagers. Our ultimate goal is not merely for these young people to survive their hard times, but rather for them to persevere and become strong, inspired young adults ready to face any challenge and make a difference by helping others and living a life that will positively impact their world & their circle influence. We look forward to working with you.